PhD Title attempt: "An Adaptive MultiAgent Vehicle Routing based on Hybrid Ant-Hierarchical Fuzzy Model"



In view of the sharp increase of vehicle number, accidents and traffic jam situations in all road networks have become wide spread all over the world. A solution for these problems is to develop and invest in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) which is capable of managing in a better way the existing capacity and developing more efficient vehicle routing over time and space, in order to improve safety, traffic efficiency, etc.

The main objective of my works is the development of a management/control strategy of road traffic in real-time in order to improve traffic efficiency, reduce road congestion. Furthermore, the system has to guide drivers' vehicles to reach their destinations taking into account the current situation of the road network. The route choice model is based on hybrid ant-hierarchical fuzzy model.


Keywords: Intelligent Transportation System, Ant Colony Optimization, Fuzzy Logic, MultiAgent System.